Tamper Alerts
Real-time Monitoring


HivePulse is a standalone smart beehive monitoring device that is designed to cater to both hobbyists and commercial beekeepers. 

Using enhanced sensor technology, HivePulse gives you peace of mind by ensuring you receive instant notifications in response to unexpected movement of the hive, including variations in temperature and humidity readings, which enable you to gauge the health of your colonies

In addition to its numerous other advantages, with its easy access from anywhere, at any time, HivePulse will provide you with the capability of real-time remote monitoring of the condition in your beehives, helping you save valuable time, resources and money.

HivePulse is available at a monthly subscription of R57.50 (incl VAT) per unit. 

HivePulse Features

Tamper Alerts

Instant alerts of theft or vandalism are sent out via SMS, email and through our mobile app, prompting you to take action when your beehives are under threat.

Hive Health Monitoring

Statistical information such as temperature, humidity and sound is aggregated, keeping you informed on activity in the beehive.

Easy Installation

The HivePulse is setup in a few easy steps. No technical skills are required.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Reduce your operating costs by remotely monitoring your hives anytime, anywhere.


With its robust design, the HivePulse is waterproof and can manage high temperatures up-to 50°C.

LTE Support

The HivePulse can be utilised in rural or urban areas without the requirement of a fixed internet line or network connectivity.

How it works

Install the HivePulse in your beehive


Beehive metrics and stats are recorded and transmitted


Login to the HivePulse Mobile app to access your data


What we do and why?

HivePulse is a cutting-edge product developed by Blue Bean Software, a team of highly skilled software engineers who are passionate about utilising smart technologies to solve real-world problems. At our core is a deep love for bees and beekeeping that motivates us to create innovative solutions for beekeepers.

We recognised the need to simplify the lives of beekeepers and identified the ability to instantly connect with bees, monitor their conditions remotely, and receive alerts for any tampering as crucial features for beekeeping products.

Leveraging the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), we offer reliable connectivity options for both rural and urban environments and provide a range of online services to complement our solution. HivePulse is a solution that simplifies the complex process of beekeeping.

Our goal is to make beekeeping effortless by providing beekeepers with a product that utilises smart technologies and advanced features. We believe that beekeeping should be easy, and HivePulse makes it possible.

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